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Table Scraps! Discounted Jelly Tables!

Table Scraps! Discounted Jelly Tables!

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The Jelly Table is our most ambitious and complicated creation- a special piece for any home, and we love offering the tables that don't come out perfectly for a big discount.

Use the letters in the photos to match up the exact Table Scrap you're trying to purchase!

Table Scrap A -  Red - $109- Some firm lines showing on the side of the top of the table, there is also a small one inch lip there where the plastic didn't overlap 100% (doesn't effect anything) - and a small area on the legs where the layer lines are slightly rougher than we like.

Table Scrap B - Red- $120-  Here on the edge of the table top the edge did not print perfectly, and looks especially wobbly in one small area. This shouldn't effect function on but the slightest bit of the edge is not 100% flat. There is also one faint red line visible in the same area.

Table Scrap C - Red- $119- An imperfect layer on the very top here means there are a dozen small visible lines visible across 1/8th of the tabletop. These definitely do not affect function, just a slight bit of visual interest.

Table Scrap D - Blue - $119- There is one very small issue here, a small fishhooked shaped red-ish line when you look closely at the tabletop, it's about 4 inches long but faint enough to disappear when you aren't looking very closely.

Inspired by the vibrant waving legs of the jellyfish in the open sea, these tables are perfect for holding a morning beverage and a book while you lounge on the couch.

Jelly Tables are 23” tall by 12” wide with 3 wavy legs each - they have been strength tested up to 75 pounds, and work great as nightstands or end tables 🌻

As a queer designer I love to make things for my home that make my eyes light up, silly, thoughtful and colorful objects to impart just a little joy each day.


All of my products are made from corn-based PLA plastic.


Table Scraps! Discounted Jelly Tables! are 23.5 in tall, 11.5 in wide, and 11.5 in deep.

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