Hi, I’m Asher :)  

I launched Object Lover in 2021 with the help of PRINTERROR DESIGN and many of my queer friends out of our garage in Austin, TX. Now I've shipped more than 5,000 prints across the world, we've grown into our new mini-factory space, and we're just getting started. My goal is to craft playful, affordable, and durable objects you'll love, without using exploitative labor practices. 

My designs have been recently featured in: Architectural Digest, EssenceHunker, Them.UsJezebel and more 

 About our labor practices 

Object Lover is part of the Austin Workers Syndicate, a worker owned co-op where we create growth together through equal pay and a sharing of knowledge and resources.

We partner with manufacturers who share our values, pursuing the hard roads to ethical production and waste reduction.