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The Biggle Planter for 7" Plants

The Biggle Planter for 7" Plants

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Height: 7.5" |  Diameter: 8" |  Volume: 7.5x7.5"

This is my bestselling planter! A lovely bit of joy to add to your home.

The planter holds a 7.5 inch plant and makes a colorful addition to your space. It sits nicely on a shelf or looks especially perfect on a Jelly Table if you've got one of those ;). Drainage tray available in our shop separately!

The 3 different color combos give you plenty of options for matching an existing space, whether you're looking for one small accent or a room full of maximalist bold style!

The planter is durable and still very lightweight (less than 10 ounces!), which means this planter makes transporting your bigger plants easier too.


Making décor out of corn-based PLA on my 3D printer means these are much more earth friendly than many plastics of the past, they will eventually biodegrade and compost back into the earth several decades from now, after you've enjoyed the planter for a long long time.


3 squiggly half inch drainage holes are in the bottom of the planter - There are also trays specifically made for this planter available in a separate listing, please go take a look and add one to your order for the full-color experience :)

About My Objects

These home décor objects are made in Austin Texas. We are several queer and trans friends working for profit as ethically as we can under capitalism, with equal hourly wages for all owners and workers, and a continued focus on sustainable work-life balance. We collaborate to build our own printers and design our own models and grow together as a group of creative friends. Your purchase helps us find time to learn and create more things we're excited to share with you, thank you!


All of my products are made from corn-based PLA plastic.


The Biggle Planter for 7" Plants are 7.5 in tall, 8 in wide, and 8 in deep.

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